Protect and Control
Your Digital Information empowers individuals and organisations to
reclaim ownership of their digital information

The project is designed to reduce the risk of abuse and misuse of our personal information
  • Almost everything we do online requires us to supply personal information
  • Most of us do this without considering or understanding the consequences
  • Our online data footprint is continually increasing and exposing us
  • The internet companies we rely on have been careless with our data
  • Over time, this repeated sharing of personal information magnifies exposure of individuals and organisations to:
    • loss of privacy
    • reputational damage
    • financial loss
    • data abuse
    • identity theft
  • The platform protects digital information by placing it within an encrypted, smart contract controlled data vault and automatically restricting access based on the terms in the contract
  • The platform is open to developers to explore new data sharing features such as digital identity, dynamic access control and monetisation

Technical Solution

Datona Labs is announcing a technological solution in the form of smart data access contracts
enforced by a public, open, decentralised platform called

Smart Data Access

Smart Data Access Contract

Information stored on is protected by a Smart Data Access Contract (S-DAC). The S-DAC specifies the terms and conditions for the use, update and expiry of the information. It is written in code and deployed on the platform's blockchain.

The platform automatically enforces the contract terms permitting access to the information only if the terms allow. On contract expiry, the platform deletes the information.

The S-DAC contains a summary of the terms for presentation to and acceptance by the user. S-DAC templates are designed to be public allowing them to be independently reviewed and validated by the expert community. This assures the owner and requester that the contract code is valid and that the textual summary is a true reflection of the code.

Since the platform is public, the owner and requester can query it at any time for all their active S-DACs, and thereby obtain the current state of their digital information footprint. They can also obtain their data sharing history by querying for expired contracts.

Data Vaults, Datona Vault and Datona Safe

At the heart of the solution is This consists of the DatonaNet blockchain, a marketplace of third-party cloud-based data vault services, and locally hosted Datona Safes for enterprise solutions.

Datona Labs' Datona Vault project is the first cloud-based data vault service. Vault software libraries will be released open source to encourage others to deploy their own vaults and to evolve the concept further.

Datona Labs' Datona ID project is the first application to prove the use of S-DACs and will spawn open-source developer libraries for use in other projects.

The platform is open to all developers to build smart data access into their applications.


Control of Data
  • Places personal data back into the owner's hands
  • Enables individuals to control who has access to their data and under what conditions
  • Enables individuals to revoke or extend access at their discretion
  • Enables individuals to see who has access to their data, globally, at any time
  • Enables individuals to survey their history of data-share transactions
  • Enables individuals to lease or sell their data to projects and organisations
  • Connects organisations around the world with individuals willing to share their data
Data Protection
  • Gives organisations off-the-shelf compliance with data protection regulations
  • Brings peace of mind to individuals by giving them control and visibility of their global data footprint
Quality of Data
  • Helps keep an organisation's customer database up-to-date
  • Deletes data that is no longer controlled by a contract
  • Ensures data accuracy by integrating trusted verification
  • Organisations can offload data security to a cloud service for customer data
  • Data and access keys are distributed across multiple sites
Intelligent Access
  • Restrict access to specific individuals or roles
  • Control which individuals or roles have access to which parts of the data
  • Dynamically modify access based on a work-flow or external events
  • Create multi-signature access models
Digital Identity
  • Integral support for digital identity applications, including:
    • Proof of ID, qualifications, role
    • Pre-verified KYC data
    • E-signatures
    • Electronic ticketing schemes
    • Object provenance
    • Copyright support
  • Digital Identity for Objects enables machines to prove authenticity of their data
Secure Messaging
  • Supports secure, authenticated messaging for any application
  • Secure file sharing

Datona Identity

Datona Identity is Datona Labs' leading-edge Smart Data Access application

The platform is designed to be open and stable, ready for developers and entrepreneurs to explore decentralised smart data access applications. The set of applications that can make use of smart data access is vast and varied.

To act as a proof-of-concept application and to jumpstart development of application layer software, Datona Labs will develop an example identity application. The Datona Identity mobile and browser app will enable users to prove their identity to others and apply for services, such as car insurance, both online and in-person at the touch of a button. Their personal information will be shared temporarily with the requesting organisation under contract. Other users and organisations will be able to verify the user's authenticity.


The S-DAC will limit the organisation's access to the duration and terms of the contract and allow the user to terminate the contract at any time.

Users can be confident that their personal information will no longer be used once the contract expires.

Users can have full visibility and control over their personal identity footprint.

Organisations' customer databases are automatically compliant with data protection regulations.

Verified data allows requesters to be confident they are accessing accurate information and owners can be confident that they are dealing with the right requester.

Road Map

To date, Datona Labs has completed the conception phase.
Our next major milestone is our seed funding round in 2019

About Datona Labs

Our team is passionate about developing technology that has a lasting positive contribution to the world that we live in

The team at Datona Labs is formed from a combination of business managers, project managers and software developers who have been delivering software development projects on behalf of clients since the late 1980s. The team’s focus has been in safety critical software development where stringent legislation, regulation and standards determines how we develop software.

We are skilled at developing and assuring software to the highest integrity levels ensuring that our software is correct, robust, reliable and thoroughly tested before it is accepted by our clients. The team has worked on many high profile programmes for blue chip companies such as Boeing, Airbus, GE Aviation, Siemens, Hitachi, Bombardier, London Underground, EADS and Kawasaki to name a few.

Our founders are blockchain enthusiasts having been involved with cryptocurrencies since 2013. In 2016 the team released OpenSig (, an open digital signature scheme that allows you to digitally sign any electronic document on the blockchain and later verify its authenticity and integrity.

Supporting our founding team are an advisory committee who we have assembled to advise and also challenge our direction. The advisory team have a diverse set of skills and is made up of angel investors, business leaders, academics, senior managers and technical subject matter experts. All of our advisors are committed to the project and hold a stake in the success of

White Paper

Full details of, Datona Vault and Datona Identity can be found in the technical white paper

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